Ecolux Super Lens

Portland Lighting are proud to introduce Ecolux Super Lens. Following 12 months of design and development the all new LED trough system is taking the realms of signage lighting into an exciting new era.

Together with Portland Lighting's market leading Ecolux II LED trough light for retail and brewery signage, the Ecolux family of sign lighting has a light for every occasion.

Ecolux Super Lens is the new LED trough lighting system for evenly illuminating bigger signage and larger format signs up to 5 metres deep! To achieve this, a revolutionary new lens has been designed utilising state of the art ray-trace simulation software and the optic can be rotated in conjunction with a new calculated bracket system.

Offering three different pre-set positions and bracket projections, the fitter can install the light confidently knowing that optimum beam angle is achieved for varying sign face depths without having to wait for darkness to make any adjustment.

Extruded in six metre polycarbonate lengths the new lens achieves a more even spread of light via its unique asymmetric profile.

The distribution is optimised to limit spill light underneath the sign by concentrating peak intensity lower down the sign face. This enables energy saving whilst enhancing uniformity of sign luminance.

This new lens offers a 30% improvement in illumination of 5m deep signs over the previous Ecolux lens without the need for longer projection brackets.

Full laboratory photometry testing has been completed by our lighting professionals.

Photometry PDF compatible data can be readily accessed by designers and specifiers alike to ensure even illumination to desired sign face.

Connection for making longer runs is also made simple for speedy installation. Each section within the run remains a sealed IP64 rated unit and then joins seamlessly together using a fitter friendly plug and play system.

Ecolux Super Lens is sealed and certified to IP64. The profile houses an integral IP67 driver which slides in and out on runners for easy maintenance.

 LED strip

  • Over 1650 lumens per metre LED output
  • Only 14.4 Watts per metre power consumption. 75% energy saving compared to fluorescent.
  • 24 volt input, less current voltage drop
  • 6000k cool white or 3000k warm white LEDs available
  • IP65 protected, 50,000+ hour lamp life
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Full CE certification and ROHS compliant


  • Epoxy encapsulated fully isolated case with IP67 protection
  • Constant voltage design
  • Short circuit, over current, over voltage protection
  • Fitted onto Kwik release slide Gear Trays
  • Full CE certification and ROHS compliant.

Light Fitting

  • Specialist designed asymmetric optical lens offers even illumination up to 5 metres deep with minimal backspill
  • Specially designed 76mm diameter aluminium extrusion supplied up to 6000mm lengths which can be joined together using cast aluminium connectors.
  • Die cast aluminium end caps
  • Standard 300mm Kwik Fit brackets
  • Casting sealed and certified to IP64
  • Full CE certificate and 5 year parts warranty
  • Conforms to EN60598-2-1:1989, BS EN 60598-1:2008 " UK Deviations Only", BS EN 62471 and high ambient temperature tested to 40°C.