Flood & Swan Neck Cowl Lights

Our growing range of outdoor lighting has been further enhanced with our floodlights and swan neck cowl lights, catering to a diverse range of lighting requirements, including pub lighting, factory lighting, and building lights. With highly competitive prices, these exterior sign lights are designed to perfectly meet your needs.

Our highly efficient and budget-friendly floodlights are perfect for building lights or providing extra illumination to factory areas. Choose from our 30w or 50w options, available in both warm white and cool LED variants.

The swan neck cowl lights serve as a stylish and timeless choice for traditional exterior sign lights. These lights are available from stock in brass or black finishes for next-day delivery, but we can also offer chrome on request.

We have a range of other lighting products including menu lighting, menu display cases, and barrier lights.

Flood Lights

Our 30 Watt floodlights offer superb illumination to building facades and are available for next-


Swan Neck Cowl Light

Our traditional exterior sign lighting, Swan Neck Cowl lights, are available from stock i


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Discover what our satisfied customers have to say about their experience with our premium lighting solutions. With superior functionality, our products illuminate businesses and homes with unparalleled style and efficiency.

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